The Great Reputations of Betsy DeVos

The iron lady was born in 1958 bears many honors to her name. She is a known American businesswoman, a politician and now the current 11th United States of America secretary of education. She is a vocal and active member of the Republican Party recognized for the continued support of school choice, voucher programs as well as the chattering of schools mostly universities and colleges. Graduating from the Christian college in Holland, and afterward getting her bachelor’s degree from Calvin College, her reputation stands out. Betsy became a Michigan philanthropist engaging much emphasis on school alternatives and also GOP sponsor.



Major Highlights and Initiatives



Betsy persistently pushes on for her agenda on improving the education policy via increased school choice. Having served the political arena for over three decades, the Republican candidate Donald Trump selected her name as a nominee for principal secretary of education. She got a balanced vote in the Senate due to the high opposition from her counterparts. Mike Pence, later one broke the tie setting history as the first vice president to do so. Responding to the president pair of supervisory orders, her department continues to take massive changes in setting up informed rules and regulations. Betsy’s loom to the achievement of the student succeeds act, in which columnists brought about meddling in the states’.



Achievements and Success



She won by achieving the position of secretary of education. She advocated for the Detroit charter school coordination, on top of being an affiliate of the board of the foundation of excellence in academics. Jeb Bush once remarked her for the allegiance she shows to families especially those that facing financial constraints. She has been useful in the change process pressing more on the vision of quality education. Politicians such as the California governor have a side with her in matters regarding campus sexual-assault bill. She tends to rewrite the rules in the endeavor to protect victims of sexual harassments. Protecting the victims of sexual harassments has always been a call that she made. DeVos also formulated the consumer guarding for student credit borrowers. She eradicated barriers associated with poor communication, funds embezzlement and delays in the processing of payments and administration constraints.



Betsy DeVos success draws back to her mother, a public school teacher, who always gave her much interest in the field of education. Confronted by the thought of, not every child in America attends school, joined the race of championing for the battle of a provision of quality educational options. She is a great leader who is married to Dick DeVos a billionaire and chief executive officer of ‘Amway.’


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How Doe Deere Built A Beauty Company For Rebels

Starting your own business is not easy. It requires putting in a lot of effort to learn the knowledge that is necessary to manage finances for a small business or the knowledge that is required to put together and execute a marketing plan that will be able to drive the sorts of sales that are necessary for a business to stay afloat. In the age of the internet there are many examples of successful entrepreneurs who have made the process of building an online business look easy. Beauty expert Doe Deere is one of those entrepreneurs.


While Doe Deere started out as an aspiring musician she is best known for launching a company that is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime has become well-known as one of the best places to be able to find unique lip colors such as the ones from Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers line which features lip colors that look as though they have been made from glittering fairy dust. The company’s Diamond Crusher’s line has colors such as the iridescent high octane dark pink shade Heirloom and the much more pale pink shade Acid Fairy. The line also features a bright sparkling lavender color that is named Unicorn Queen, a name that presumably is inspired by the nickname Queen of the Unicorns that Doe Deere earned for her ethereal sense of fashion.


Before Doe Deere became the founder of a popular independent company in the beauty industry she was once a working musician. In an interview Doe Deere said that working as a musician helped her to learn vital skills that she continues to apply to her position today as the chief executive officer of her company Lime Crime. Like Doe Deere and the makeup products that her company sells, the name of her company is an ode to being unconventional. According to an interview that Doe Deere gave, the name of her company Lime Crime was actually the result of a whim. Lime Crime was a phrase that Doe Deere came up with when she was attempting to search for a name for an online store that she was running through the ecommerce platform eBay. The name Lime Crime was originally meant to be applied to a line of clothing that Doe Deere was working on. Later on Doe Deere would choose to apply the name Lime Crime to her makeup company.


While Doe Deere originally chose the name Lime Crime on a whim the name now stands for values that form the soul of the brand that she has spent years building. She told the women’s publication Galore Magazine that the name Lime Crime now represents the ethos of being unafraid to be different or being unafraid to stand out. Doe Deere also shared the reason that she refers the people who are her fans as unicorns with Galore Magazine. Her response emphasized the focus that Lime Crime has placed on being a company that seeks to cater to consumers who embrace being different and who have learned to be comfortable with standing out from other people ( She says that unicorns are people who appreciate color and who challenge the expectations that other people may have for them.


Dr. Mark McKenna contributions in the medical sector

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor in Surgery and Medicine. He is licensed by the board of medical examiners in Florida and Georgia. Dr. McKenna is a dedicated servant of the society, and his dream is to help as many people as possible with efficient and effective medical care. As a patient advocate, Dr. McKenna’s best interest is to see some of the common medical conditions that people struggle with removed from the face of the earth. Dr. McKenna was born in New Orleans, LA. He is a graduate of the medical school at Tulane University. He joined his father in the medical practice immediately he completed his medical training.

While still under his father’s medical facility, Dr. McKenna started his real estate investment. He was always an entrepreneur at heart despite being a trained medical doctor. The real estate investment was known as McKenna Investment. Over the years, he invested heavily into the company. He grew its service delivery capabilities to those of a real estate mortgaging firm. The workforce for his real estate company increased to 50 employees. Through his company he would, he offered finance, real estate closing services as well as turnkey building designs.

Dr. McKenna’s efforts in the real estate sector suffered a setback after Hurricane Katrina of 2005 destroyed most of his real estate establishment in New Orleans. Many other residents of New Orleans were also affected. After the storm, Dr. McKenna undertook an initiative to help restore the area through construction of low-income housing.

In 2007, McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he launched his first medical facility known as ShapeMed. He later sold the facility to Life Fitness Inc. in 2016. In the new partnership, he worked as a director for the Life Time Fitness Inc. until 2016. In 2017, Dr. McKenna established another medical company known as OVME. The medical company dealt with elective healthcare using the latest technology.

Dr. McKenna is married and has a daughter. He is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Previously, McKenna was a board member of a Jazz Festival in New Orleans as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

The Academy of Art University


Do you love art? Then this article is perfect for you. We will be discussing the Academy of Art University as well as the future of fashion.

What Is The Academy of Art University?

The Academy of Art University is an art school located in San Francisco, California. It has a self-acclaimed description as the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States. Rightly so, we believe this is true since they have some great statistics within their staff with 283 full-time teachers, 1154 part-time teaching staff, and about 12,600 students.

Academy of Art University Beliefs

Something that is very unique about this university is the beliefs spread throughout the facilities. In their corporate website they openly share the beliefs as follows:

1) No-Barrier Admissions: The only requirement is passion, and the willing to increase your artistic skills.
2) A community of support: An atmosphere of support and collaboration is always supported.
3) Ethics in art: Not only in art, but in every aspect of life, ethics are an important pillar.
4) Learn from professionals: The teachers at this university must all continue to learn art and design and hold professional careers.
5) An Urban citizen: One of the university’s beliefs is to give back to the community in any way possible.

Academy of Art University In Fashion

On September 9, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Square, the Academy of Art University held its 21st runway showcase. There were a large array of designers from the university, whom, with the help of the professional teachers, were able to impress upper echelon designers such as Ms. J Alexander and Sara Kozlowski. There were garments using PVC and vinyl, there were jeans made from organic materials, and futuristic silhouettes, using the bold contrast of black and white in patent leather, jersey and wool.

In conclusion, the Academy of Art University is a great place to learn, and enhance one’s artistic and design skills. For more information on this prestigious art school follow this link, for the 21st runway showcase click here.

Innovative Administration Among the Factors Boosting OSI Industries’ Expansion

OSI Group is a food manufacturing firm that has continued to expand their status in the industry. One of the ways through which they have kept expanding their size is by acquiring other companies whose goals and values align well with their own. Having grown into a global leader, OSI Group offers customized solutions and high-quality products for retail brands and foodstuff service. Focusing on their growth for the previous year alone, they managed to initiate seven new facilities whose objective is to produce and process foods across the world. As a company, they have an unstoppable craving for product development and capacity. Integrating such crucial factors puts in an ideal position to maximally exploit the emerging opportunities.

Understanding Progressive International Expansion for OSI Industries

As it is, when people go shopping, they do not pay attention to the origin of the products they purchase. Even when ordering food products from a restaurant, no one goes into finding out where the foods were bought. Throughout the years, OSI Group has continually expanded their horizons. In fact, most people have continued to enjoy foods from OSI Industries without their realization. Substantially, the company’s impact extends way beyond their central area of operation. Their international presence has impacted the world both by providing foods and offering jobs. For instance, OSI Group hit the Spain markets where they managed a production of more than 45,000 tons of pork, chicken, and beef products.

Wise Moves That Keep Informing OSI Industries’ Market Relevance

OSI operates under the administration of a talented leadership among them being David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin. Being experienced administrators has helped them focus on the primary factors including growing their domestic markets. They have also studied the markets and understood the essence of emphasizing on safety and quality of their products. For this reason, they have managed to create a mutually beneficial rapport between them and their customers. The increased growth in relationship makes them expand their facilities even further. As at now, they project an increment this year, which focuses on the wellness of the company, their consumers, and employees across all their joints.

The Impact of Embracing Technology

OSI has allowed their various facilities to grow independently to serve the need for the people of the respective areas. In West Jordan, Utah, for instance, they operate with a hands-free facility that defines the modern day technology. Their robots can pick products from refrigerated warehouses and ferry them to the packaging room. That has only made the company more efficient and relevant.

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The American Institute Of Architects What It Takes To Dominate The Industry And What’s In Store For The Future

The American Institute of Architects is widely considered to be the pinnacle of modern residential and commercial design and development. It specializes in an array of sectors such as commercial, residential, interiors, and board flooring.

In an attempt to stay true to its core objectives, the company has gone above and beyond to develop an array of lucrative properties that incorporate modern designs while also airing on the side of affordability to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

More importantly, each commercial project adopted consists of a strong foundation that can support various forms of structures. Its flagship projects include the Red Butte Residence, the Royal Venya Resort, Tresata, the Apartment Project, and the Kojyogaoka House.

Multifamily Projects

In keeping up with rising demands, the AIA has spent ample time developing multifamily housing units each tailored to meet the various needs of customers. In essence, such projects incorporate large family settings while also adopting a refined and pristine architectural touch.

AIA has painstakingly strived to think outside of the box while developing such modern homes. Some of its notable projects include the Mayfair Residential Tower, the Wan Ping Jia Yuan Community complex, the deluxe housing project, and the Rothschild Tower.



Despite complying with requirements to promote sustainability, the AIA also goes out of its way to adopt greener production techniques while also reducing its ecological footprint. More impressive is the establishment of the “World of Matter” which is essentially a global media and art platform that analyzes crucial material flows regarding the extraction of iron ore and its resultant environmental consequences in Minnesota.

Through the summit, stakeholders get to deliberate on various socio-economic impacts and come up with long-lasting solutions to such challenges. Despite extensive mining procedures, stakeholders are mandated to obtain mining leases and implement environmental strategies necessary in preserving the ecosystem.

Emerging Talent

In line with meeting set standards and requirements, several budding architectural firms have emerged as rising talents across the U.S. They have disrupted the status quo to surpass expectations and forge their destiny. These firms include Paul Preissner Architects, FreelandBuck, LAMAS, and Firm Architecture and Design.

Codes of Standards

As reliable stakeholders in the industry, the AIA highly encourages lawmakers to fully adopt strong building codes by implementing construction regulations and developing state-of-the-art designs. Having faced the wrath of hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the US is currently reeling from the massive destruction of property. Even though contractors pick up the pace by commencing construction activities immediately, it’s high time that contractors adopted building codes to safeguard the properties.

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What The Clients Of Securus Technologies Think Of The Company

Securus Technologies is a firm involved with the prison industry. Having contracts with more than 2,600 prison across the US as well as Canada, it is a company that offers the latest technology so that they can be run as a modern day facility. The products they offer range from phone monitoring systems to entertainment apps. It was founded in 1986 and is now led by Richard A. Smith as the Chief Executive Officer.

Carrollton, Texas is the headquarters of Securus Technologies. They also have other offices, such as call service centers, in other areas including the fellow Texas city of Allen as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. It employs about 1000 people altogether. It has rapidly expanded over the last three years through acquisitions as well as new technologies and patents. It has invested $600 million into these areas and is now the leading provider of technology to correctional facilities in North America.

Securus Technologies receives a lot of feedback from the users of their technology in the field of corrections. They recently published some of these emails and letters in order to show how their products are being received. The feedback is very popular and includes comments where one facility was able to uncover a corrupt member of their staff. It was monitored phone calls that led to it being discovered that this employee was bringing contraband into the prison for the use of prisoners who would pay them for it.

Another letter cited their decade-long relationship with Securus Technologies. They said that the use of the company’s products over the years had led to a revolution in their prison environment. It also helped them increase public safety in the area the prison is located as it cut down on crime and illicit communication by prisoners with those they know in the outside world involved in crime.


Prep Work is the Key for Life Line Screening

Lifeline screenings can be a very helpful tool in the diagnosis of health problems. If the problems are caught early enough the patient has a very high chance of successful treatment. For this article here are some of the tests that Lifeline screenings offer and what to do in prep so the test will run smoothly.

The first test is carotid artery disease which can lead to having a stroke. The best prep for this test is to wear an open-collared shirt with short sleeves. Please do not wear turtleneck for this procedure.

The second test is called atrial fibrillation. This is an irregular heartbeat that can also lead to having a stroke. The best advice, in this case, is to wear a two-piece outfit which consists of loose clothing. There are a few things to avoid during this procedure as well. If you are a woman do not wear pantyhose or put on lotion or oil before the procedure. Both men and women should not wear a watch during the procedure as well.

The third and final test is an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Here are some things to keep in mind. As in the second test wear a two-piece outfit consisting of loose clothing. People should also remember to fast four hours before the procedure begins to avoid difficulties later. The meal that can be eaten should be a very light one in nature and if the patient is thirsty he or she may have one half-cup coffee or tea. The patient can also have a good amount of water before the procedure begins.

If you are a diabetic patient and fasting is difficult for you, the best thing is to eat a very light meal of toast, one cup of juice, and one half-cup of coffee or tea. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about your diabetic care plan prior to having procedure done.

These are some common sense tips to help people get ready for Life screening tests. If followed properly then the patient should have no trouble. It could save your life.

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Whitney Wolfe is Helping Women With an App That is in High Demand

We live in a society where it’s so easy to tear one another down. This especially happens to women. There is always someone who has something to say about  way  woman dresses, talks, acts, dates, and more. Luckily, there are champions out there for women. There are ladies who are making it their mission to make the lives of women all over the globe a little bit easier. One of those women is Whitney Wolfe.

If you haven’t heard of Wolfe, chances are you have at least heard of Bumble. Bumble is an online dating app but it’s not like the other ones out there. Bumble has something that sets it apart from the others. That something is the fact that Bumble is geared towards women. In the vast majority of online dating apps, men call the shots. They decide who they want to message, who they want to date, whose profile they want to view, and more. Bumble is changing that. Wolfe wanted to create an app where women felt safe because that’s important to her. She wanted to make an app where women could decide if they wanted to initiate the first move. She’s putting the ball in women’s court.

Wolfe is also making the world of online dating  app a little safer for women. They can only message who they feel safe with, there’s a great network of support, nudity is banned, and kindness is encouraged. These are all things that Wolfe felt was important to have in an app and she is right! It seems that Wolfe’s app has been met with such success that it’s catching the eye of others. The Match Group is interested in Bumble.

According to Forbes, Wolfe has recently turned down a $450 million dollar deal from Match Group. Match Group is the parent company that owns popular online dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid. It’s not surprising that Wolfe turned this down. If she accepted, it would mean working for a company she sued a few years back. It also means that Bumble could potentially see some changes in the way they are set up.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny- Medical Advocate of Anti-aging and Cancer Free World

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a well-known professor of oncology and a scientist who has gone a step further and studied cancer and Aging. He practices at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and he got his first MD from the University of first Pavlov state medical in St Petersburg. He is also a holder of Ph.D. in cardiology and Experimental Medicine. In the year 2002, at New York Medical College Mikhail became an associate professor of medicine. New York Medical College is in Valhalla, New York. He further advanced his career by joining Ordway Research Institute as a senior scientist before joining the Institute Roswell Park cancer in the year 2009.Through all those years, he has gained significant skills and experiences making him an excellent professor. His research interest in anti-aging drugs, Biogerontology – also known as the underlying mechanism of aging, targeted cancer therapies and cancer.

The targeted cancer therapies are a treatment that helps to guard healthy cells against getting damaged.Mikhail is an associate editor of an international journal of cancer and American Journal of Pathology PLOS ONE. He is one of the biggest oncology researchers in the world. Additionally, Blagosklonny is editor-in-chief of the Cell Cycle and Oncotarget and an associate editor of Cancer Therapy and Biology. He further seats in the Differentiation and cell death editorial board.According to Mikhail Blagosklonny research on aging, he stated that aging is a continuous growth signaled by pathways like Target of Rapamycin (TOR). He says that TOR-centric models help to predict Rapalogs and Rapamycin which can be used to prevent diseases and treat aging in human. In his aging hyper-function theory, Mikhail writes about chemotherapeutic engineering and cell cycle therapy. He believes that cancer is curable and it’s possible to control aging. With more than 300 research articles, numerous book chapters and different reviews all published in his name, Mikhail has a vision of seeing the world that is disease and aging free.Mikhail Blagosklonny hypothesis theory regarding TOR proposes the use of Rapamycin in longevity research. This is a drug mostly used to treat cancer. Rapamycin helps improve immunity in aging humans making them look younger and become stronger.

Rapamycin clinically approved for human use, and it contributes to reducing some aging diseases like Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. Rapamycin is effective as an anti-aging drug helping to slow down the senescence and safe enough to be administered daily. Rapamycin is known to rejuvenate immunity. Thus it eliminates any hyper-immunity instead of suppressing it.Dr. Mikhail is one of advocate on the usage of Rapamycin which is a well-tolerated and non-toxic drug for oral use. Clinical data states that this medication is promising to help in age-related diseases and it has bone-sparing, anti-tumor, and calorie restriction.Other research by Mikhail includes molecular and cellular biology and clinical investigation like ontogenesis, signal transduction, healthy cells selective protection, tumor suppressors, anticancer therapeutics, cell cycle, and mitosis. His love for humanity and living in a world free from pain has made Professor Mikhail dedicate his time to researching better drugs for anti-aging and cancer.